UCLA/Getty Conservation Program

A graduate conservation training program focusing on the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials


This spring students from the UCLA/Getty Program’s participated in the Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation’s (ANAGPIC) annual conference held at Buffalo State College (April 24-25). All 5 second year students presented at this year’s conference highlighting work completed for their MA thesis projects or research done for a particular course. Two of the students gave papers on the first day of the conference and the other three students presented posters during the Open House.

The following are the titles of the class of 2010 presentations:

  • Lauren Horelick “The occurrence and detection of gunpowder in Haitian Vodou charms (paper)
  • Suzanne Morris “The technique and materials of Iranian wall painting fragments in the Fowler Museum” (paper)
  • Siska Genbrugge “Research and treatment of the flaking arsenic containing paint layers on a Ptolemaic mummy cartonnage” (poster)
  • Jiafang Liang “The application of cyclododecane (CDD) for lifting fragile lacquer fragments from burial environments” (poster)
  • Linda Lin “Technical study of two Japanese masks: investigating their attribution as a pair” (poster)


Congratulations to the students on their great work and presentations at ANAGPIC!  We had a great time at the conference and enjoyed listening to all the student and professional papers presented.  We hope to be able to return to ANAGPIC next year and have some of our students present again.

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