UCLA/Getty Conservation Program

A graduate conservation training program focusing on the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials


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The UCLA/Getty Conservation Program will surely be well represented at this year’s ANAGPIC conference with 2 papers and 4 posters.  Here’s a preview of what will be presented:


  • Time, Erosion and Earthen Architecture: Documenting the Effectiveness of Protective Shelters for Mud-Brick Structures
    Elizabeth Drolet
  • On the Surface: A Cultural and Scientific Analysis of the Applied Surface from Two West African Komo Masks
    Robin OHern


  • Cahuilla Sandals: Materials and Construction Methods
    Tessa de Alarcon
  • Characterization and Analysis of a Likely Khipu from Northern Chile
    Dawn Lohans
  • An Investigation of Loss Compensation Materials for the Conservation of
    Coiled Basketry
    Nicole Ledoux
  • Some re-Assembly Required: The Conservation of a Makah Trinket
    Cindy Lee Scott

Make sure to visit the blog later in April for more on our participation in this year’s ANAGPIC conference.

The ANAGPIC conference is fast approaching and UCLA/Getty students are finalizing their papers and posters. Here’s what they’ll be presenting at this year’s conference:


  • Treatment and Technical Study of a Lakota Beaded Hide
    Nicole Ledoux
  • The Chemical Characterization and Removal of Lac Dye Staining on White-Ground Ceramics
    Cindy Lee Scott and Elizabeth Drolet (UCLA/Getty), Rita Blaik, (UCLA Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering)


  • A Comparison of Block Lifting Materials and Techniques
    Lily Doan, Nicole Ledoux, and Robin O’Hern
  • Technical Study and Conservation of an Apache Coiled Basket
    Linda Lin
  • The Conservation and Reburial of a Greco-Roman Wall Painting: The Site of Karanis, Fayum, Egypt
    Suzanne Morris

Come back and visit the blog after the conference for more posts and pictures!

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