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Class of 2012 return to L.A. for their final year presentations

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Tomorrow, the class of 2012 return to our conservation training labs at the Getty Villa to give their final year presentations in a day long event that ends with a small reception to celebrate the completion of their conservation degree. They will be presenting on their M.A. thesis projects as well as on their 3rd year internships. Here’s a list of their M.A. thesis topics they will be sharing with us tomorrow:

  • Tessa de Alarcon-“Evaluation of Two Fluorescent Dyes used in Immunofluorescent Microscopy for the Detection of Proteinaceous Binding Media In Wall Paintings”
  • Lily Doan-“From Ethnographic to Contemporary: How an Artist Interview may Direct the Study and Conservation Treatment of a Balinese Cili Figure”
  • Elizabeth Drolet-“Characterization of the Deterioration of Low-Fired Ceramics in Varying Burial Environments”
  • Nicole Ledoux-“An Investigation of Loss Compensation Materials for the Conservatation of Coiled Basketry”
  • Dawn Lohnas-“Evaluating the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide nanoparticle dispersions for the consolidation of painted
    Earthen Architectural Surfaces”
  • Robin Ohern-“On the Surface: A Cultural and Scientific Analyisis of Two Western African Komo Masks’ Surfaces”
  • Cindy Lee Scott-“An Investigation into the Chemistry and Removal of Unrefined Shellac from Ceramics Substrates via Hydrolysis”

Congratulations to our 3rd years on finishing their degree and good luck on their presentations!


One thought on “Class of 2012 return to L.A. for their final year presentations

  1. Congrats class of 2012!!! I wish I could be there tomorrow to hear all of these interesting presentations. Good luck and have fun celebrating!

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