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We want to be actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and organizations that support racial equality. Where can we start?

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donateEducateSuportThe following list highlights immediate ways we can support the Black Lives Matter movement and organizations working for racial equality.

1. Ways to Help, the official Black Lives Matter action list, includes donation links, information for protestors, and petitions

2.  This Google Document by @botanicaldyke is an extensive resource, containing links to community bail funds, memorial funds, political education resources, and organizations to put on your radar, as well as general advice/tips for people attending protests or using social media as an organizing tool.

3. Campaign Zero advocates for data-driven solutions to end police violence. To learn more about city-specific policies right for your community that can decrease police brutality, check out Campaign Zero’s 8 Can’t Wait project.

4. Support your local Black Heritage societies and museum! These institutions are repositories of Black history and are often responsible for the preservation of, maintenance on, and education about African American historical sites. For a list of museums, check out the ’ The Association of African American Museums Directory. We’ve created a Google Document that has a list of Black Heritage societies by state, but there may be others in your area.

5. Support your local black communities! Buy from black-owned businesses, restaurants, and artists. For our own Los Angeles community, consider ordering out from some of the restaurants listed in this Google Document created by Kat Hong!  To find black-owned businesses in your area, here is a list of resources by Refinery29.

#vision #Blacklivesmatter #8Caintwait

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